About me

Contact me directly to "worthemphotoswp@gmail.com"
Go back to the home page, scroll down & you'll see an image point to it & will say
"Worth More Than A Thousand" click it & it will take you to my gallery. Thank you!

I'm a 46 year old & I want to do photography projects for for companies, individuals & engage into full time career in photography on my own time. I've won many professional peer awards through Viewbug.
Please like &/or award my work here on "https://www.viewbug.com/member/photoz06"

I do a variety of photography projects, but erotic & fine nude photography are my 2 main subjects. Lots of my projects are NSFW.

If you are a female over 18 with a very open minded who wants to be my model for a variety of NSFW photographic subjects & are serious about it, send me an e-,mail. Thank you.